Apr 30, 2015

Remapping Keypad on a Kinesis Advantage Keyboard

If you're a kinesis advantage user, you'll know it has an embedded number pad and directional pad in the right key well. I want to quickly toggle this on and off.

The keypad button is in the top right though. That is too far away for my liking. Unfortunately, the keypad button cannot be remapped to another location.

If you have the foot switch accessory, the default action for it is to toggle the keypad. The foot switch CAN be remapped, but ONLY if you have one.

OR you can use a staple to mimic the foot switch so that you can remap it (and hence a keypad toggle) to a key on the keyboard. Here's how:

  1. Press and hold 'Program' and 'F12/Remap'. The green lights should be blinking fast.
  2. Locate the RJ-11 connecter on the back of your keyboard. (This is where the foot switch would connect). Use a staple or wire to connect the middle two pins (green and red) to mimic a foot switch press as a source key (thanks for the tip). The green lights should be blinking slower.
  3. Press the button you want to become your keypad button (destination key). The green lights should be blinking fast again.
  4. Press and hold 'Program' and 'F12/Remap' to exit remapping mode. The green lights should stop blinking.

IMPORTANT: Depending where you map the key to, you ay need to map it twice (with both the keypad on and off) to make sure your key can both toggle it on AND off.